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Welcome to TAG Boston!

TAG (Technology Awareness Group) Boston is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the Greater Boston Jewish community with the tools, education and support staff needed for today‘s rapidly-changing technology landscape.

​TAG Boston is affiliated with TAG International and endorsed by our local community leaders. Our FREE services are provided by dedicated trained volunteers. TAG's mission is to empower people to use technology in a safe and responsible fashion and to ensure that every person is comfortable with the guidance and service provided. We invite you to join the many people who have taken advantage of TAG’s services to protect themselves and their families from the challenges posed by digital technology.


Technology Which You Control

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TAG Boston logo vector b_Page_1.jpg

Filter Installation Service

Services are provided by trained volunteers free of charge! This includes but is not limited to consultation, filter installation and any adjustments to filter categories. 

Customization and Education

Filters can be customized to your personal lifestyle. You choose the categories of what you want open or blocked. We can also provide guidance on choosing which devices work best with filters.

20/6 Live Support

Tech support is available 20 hours a day, 6 days a week!

 Reliable Filtering Solutions

No matter your device, our trained technicians will help you choose a secure filtering solution that works for you and your family.  ​Protect your devices so you feel empowered to use them. We are currently offering the Gentech, Techloq and MB Smart filters. ​


The Advantages of
TAG Recommended Filters

Personalize Your Experience

Filters can be customized to filter

  • web categories

  • within YouTube, Amazon, Netflix 

  • Image/skin covering options

  • Multiple user settings 

  • Time restrictions

Comprehensive Solutions

We’ve partnered with leading, trusted device providers for secure technology and up-to-date features. We offer solutions for

  • Windows PC, MAC,

  • Smartphones/Tablets- Android iPhone

  • Basic Phones

  • Chromebook 

Please note while TAG services are free, filter companies independently charge fees ranging between $30-$140 annually.

Basic phone solutions have a one time cost ranging between $15-$30 to replace the OS with the Kosher phone solution. These prices are subject to change.

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Volunteer for TAG


TAG is here for the community. You too can make a difference. Consider volunteering your time as a TAG Technician or share other skills you may have to help our office. ​Although TAG services are free there are overhead costs of running the office and programs.

TAG Boston is a registered 501(c3) and donations are tax deductible

We welcome all donations big or small! 



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